Some reviews from recent course attendees:

From Nola F, WHS Co-ordinator

After leaving school 40 years ago, I decided to study Cert IV in WHS through Paragon WHS and found it very achievable.  We started with face to face sessions to introduce the course and then went out on our own to complete the modules in our own time, but always having Peter and Cate on hand to contact if in doubt or needed help with anything.  Overall the experience was very rewarding and with Peter and Cates expertise we got through it together.

From Daniel T, Service Desk Officer, HSR

I have had the pleasure of completing both my level 1,2 HSR courses with Peter his delivery of the course was first class drawing from professional and personal experience’s it was easy to follow and retain and as a result I have been able to implement several improvements in my workplace.
The knowledge and belief that Peter has for providing a safe and healthy workplace for everyone is reflected in the way he delivers the course and offering to support us after we have finished the course gave me the confidence to go back to my workmates and improve health and safety for them.
Health and safety representatives as far as I know don’t get any extra pay for doing this I know I certainly don’t and I knew that going in but the amount of respect I now have from my workmates more than makes up for it.

From Eileen P, Neighbourhood Centre Officer, HSR

I would absolutely recommend Paragon, up to date with the consistent changes to the WHS Act and legislation, the method of teaching is involving students with open discussions relevant to topic. As adults this is a great way of teaching/learning which is more effective to understand and leave with new knowledge.
Peter connects with his students and is very approachable .
Value for money !!
Catering for lunch is exceptional no boring sandwiches or wraps offered with Paragon WHS training .

From Nathan W, Youth Worker, HSR

Paragon provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to perform my duty as a health safety rep to the best of my ability. the course is informative and Peter delivers great training who is good at keeping people engaged, he has a great wealth of experience to learn from. followed by an amazing lunch. highly recommend for all work health safety needs.

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